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The flag of the Order of the Russian Star

The Order of the Russian Star is a military regime formed by commanders of the Russian Airforce, including Victor Zaitsev, that has taken over the Russian Federation by coup d'état with the support of US president Elizabeth Winters. Russia suffered more than most during the energy crises that rocked the world, and starvation became commonplace. This instability allowed the Order to enact a military takeover of the country and recreate it as a technologically advanced totalitarian state. The Order's scientists spent years producing an array of hyper-advanced robotic weaponry, which has placed them in conflict with the West, as Elena mentions an arms dispute and NATO's intel on Russian military technology. Since Winters supported the Order of the Russian Star in the coup to further her plan of waging war between the US and Russia for the sake of economic growth through war and global domination of the US. The Order attacked the US space colony Providence to gain advantage in the war and declares an end to the Alliance with Winters. The Order reprograms the colony's solar processing plants, creating a beam of microwave radiation which destroys San Francisco. The Order then issues the US an ultimatum: unconditional surrender or the destruction of New York City. President Elizabeth Winters refuses and the US spacefleet launches a counter-attack to liberate Providence, engaging with Russian space forces and managing to land troops inside the colony.

After Victor Zaitsev's apparent defeat at the hands of Sam Gideon and the remaining US forces, the Order detonate a nuke which destroys Providence, denying the US their main source of energy. During a final cut-scene, Zaitsev is seen conversing with an apparent superior, who says that "our ascent to power is complete. On to the next phase."

The Order's emblem seems to use both tsarist and communist imagery, with the twin headed eagle of imperial Russia, above a red star.

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