Vanquish weaponmax 005
The Disk Launcher fires a rapidly rotating disk, similar to a saw blade. The Disk Launcher has a tendency to dismember opponents and the disk will rebound to one other target if they are close enough together. The Disk Launcher possesses a melee attack where Sam swings the weapon downward with the disk spinning in place but not actually firing, similar to a buzzsaw. The upside of this is that unlike the standard melee attack, the ARS suit will not overheat if the attack connects. The disk launcher is a very reliable weapon with good damage and excellent melee damage. The only downsides are its short/medium range and its slow rate of fire.

Fully upgraded, the Disk Launcher receives a stock and the white ribbed part below becomes a dark grey one.

Rounds: 20

Power: C

Range: E

Rate of Fire: D

Accuracy: E

Level 1: Increases Rounds from 20 to 24.

Level 2: Increases Rounds from 24 to 28.

Level 3: Increases Power from C to B.

Level 4: Increases Rounds from 28 to 32.

Level 5: Increases Rounds from 32 to 40.

Level 6: Increases Power from B to A.