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A robot that has four legs and a green spot on the front, Chicanes move into position when near Gorgies and unfold into heavy cover that cannot be taken down with assault rifles, occasionally popping up a turret to fire a laser in front of it. When no Gorgies are around they charge on their own, folding back up into their normal form if they had been unfolded.

The Chicane as a boombox

In battle, developing means of force protection is an incredibly important task. The Chicane was developed as a mobile cover device to accompany infantry into the field, enabling battle positions to be erected quickly during small scale firefights, and earning the robot plaudits as a defensive weapons platform. When troops are no longer taking cover behind the robot, it automatically attempts to counter-attack opposing forces with either seeking missiles or an anti-personnel laser system.

It is highly advised to throw a grenade in the approximate area BEHIND it. Another approach is to dash boost kick them then immediately engage ARS' mode to kill nearby enemies before retreating to a safe cover.

They can also unfold into a working boombox but this form is only encountered once inside the Kreon .