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Burns' death squad is a death squad commanded by Burns to do Elizabeth Winters's dirty work. They are armed with stronger variation of the marine's assault rifle and jet pack. They have less endurance than the standard Gorgie.

Burns's death squad

The Death Squad are first mentioned when Elena notes that Burns is not alone after he stayed behind whilst Sam and the remaining Marines proceeded towards the core of the colony. Sam expresses confusion over this information, as Burns had earlier sealed the colony beyond the core, resulting in the deaths of all remaining Marine forces due to the hull breach caused by the Crystal Viper's destruction.

After Burns murders Professor Candide and reveals his true intentions, his Death Squad joined him and held Sam at gunpoint during this confrontation. Sam proceeded to kill them all and pursued Burns to the Microwave Arrays' control room, fighting through more Death Squad Marines as he went.

After Sam defeated Burns, Death Squad reinforcements arrived and attempted to intervene. To Sam's surprise, Burns defended him from them and elected to stay behind while Sam proceeded to the colony core, blowing himself up along with the remainder of his Death Squad.


Burns' Death Squad are the only enemies in Vanquish who are not robots.