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They are the final two bosses in the final Act in Vanquish of Act 5-3 Deception. The bosses are Bogey Alpha (which was the one Sam Gideon fought earlier, but got away, and is believed to be Victor Zaitsev) and Bogey Bravo is the same suit but newer and particularly stronger one. They are extremely fast and deadly (especially on a harder difficulty). They also shoot purple lasers at Sam (similiar to the Jamming Tower). The surrounding emitters in the area even cause the ARS to overheat. Sam goes toe-to-toe

Bogey Bravo And Alpha

The energy rifle used by the Bogey

with both simultaneously, eventually overpowering and defeating both one by one with a series of QTE's the player must fulfill (first the red, then the blue one dies). After the last Bogey has been defeated, Bogey has an heavily damaged while Sam's ARS was unable to move, leaving an opportunity to Bogey to kill Sam with his laser sword but Sam was managed block with his BLADE. And then, Bogey kicks Sam's BLADE and trying to kill Sam one more time but Sam managed to dodge it three times before he managed to kicks the Bogey and uses Bogey's laser rifle to destroy it. Eventually, Sam discovered that they were both slave units controlled by Victor Zaitsev, which were both equipped with tactical nukes which Zaitsev activates upon their defeat by Sam.

The Bogey's tactical nuke in their self-destruct mode

Bogey energy rifle's sword form

It is unknown which one was created first, even though the red one made its apperance first. They are also similar to the Gorgie-USG, due to the similar designs.