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Bia's bipedal form

The Bia is a miniboss in Vanquish, with a number of powerful attacks and the ability to transform like the Argus.


When in its quadrupedal mode, its shoots at Sam and also swings with its tail. In its bipedal mode, its tail detaches to become an axe that can shoot shotgun shells.

Bia's scorpion-like quadrupedal form

There are only four Bias in the campaign. The first one appears in Act 2-6. Two appear in Act 4-2, while the last one is in Act 5-1.

In terms of weapons, an LFE gun helps due to its knockback, but it doesn't do much damage. They can easily be finished off with two or three rockets, though.


  • Their bipedal form strongly resembles Applauds[1] from Bayonetta,[2] and even share some audio files with them.