Act 1 Mission


  1. The first thing you have to do is get to the gun turret. Boost over to the open door to the left, then under the low bridge.
  2. Get cover next to the wall on the right and inch to the end to get a shot on the enemy manning the top turret.
  3. With him gone, you can use the turret by pressing X. Wipe out the enemies below.
  4. Note that these turrets do have limited ammo, so don’t just hold down the fire button. If your turret does run out of ammo, you can take the ramp to the left down a level to find another one.
  5. When you hear your team say “Move on through,” turn around and start working towards the door.
  6. You’ll need to take out the enemy driving the walker up ahead first. Once he’s down, you can take control and use it to clear a path to the corridor up ahead.
  7. When it’s clear, jump down from the walker and head down the corridor to complete the mission